Students’ Digital Projects

My students have completed numerous multimedia projects. These include final projects in the form of websites, videos, and podcasts for the Polish-American experience course.

Digital Storytelling - the Polish-American Experience final projects section
Section featuring students’ final projects in the Polish-American experience course (screen capture from

Additionally, my students have also produced posters and memes. Below is an example created by one of the groups in response to our class discussion on Sławomir Mrożek’s 1958 play The Police (Policja).

Meme created by one of the student groups in my Polish political comedy course. The meme engages with the popular Spider-Man pointing at Spider-Man theme and uses direct quotes from Sławomir Mrożek’s first play The Police (1958).

In my Polish language classes, students have created short comedy skits, funny dialogs, and anti-ads.

Anti-ad for COVID-19 created by a group of students in my Third Semester Polish course.