Teaching Experience

University of Wisconsin–Madison

Spring 2023

Politics and Comedy in Poland* | read more

• Class final projects to include student open scholarship projects on Wikipedia

Fourth Semester Polish*
Advanced Polish (Fifth Semester and above)*

Fall 2022
First Semester Polish*
Third Semester Polish*

Spring 2022
Multicultural Central Europe* | read more

• Featured guest lectures by Leszek Gardeła, Tomasz Grusiecki, Oksana Stoychuk, and Ri J. Turner. Class final project: https://gns.wisc.edu/2022/10/19/students-mapping-projects-explore-diverse-heritage-of-poland-central-europe.

Second Semester Polish*
Fourth Semester Polish*

Fall 2021
Third Semester Polish*
Advanced Polish (Fifth Semester and above)*

Spring 2021
Politics and Comedy in Poland** | read more

• Featured guest lectures by Kathryn Ciancia and Irena Frączek, https://gns.wisc.edu/2021/04/12/how-humor-helped-us-survive-communist-reality-in-poland.

Second Semester Polish**
Advanced Polish (Fifth Semester and above)**

Fall 2020
Polish American Cultural Experience** | read more

• Featured a guest lecture by John Z. Guzlowski, https://gns.wisc.edu/2020/11/06/author-john-guzlowski-gives-guest-talk-in-polish-migration-course. Final project: https://gns.wisc.edu/languages/polish.

First Semester Polish**

* taught in-person; ** taught online

University of Pittsburgh

Summer 2021
Beginning Intensive Polish (online intensive)
Intermediate Intensive Polish (online intensive)

The University of Kansas (as Instructor of Record)

Spring 2019
Elementary Polish II

Fall 2018
Elementary Polish I

Spring 2018
Elementary Polish II

Fall 2017
Elementary Polish I

Spring 2017
Europe of Regions and Ethnic Minorities
Intermediate Polish II

Fall 2016
Intermediate Polish I
Advanced Polish I

Spring 2016
Elementary Polish II

Fall 2015
Elementary Polish I

Spring 2015
Elementary Polish II

Fall 2014
Elementary Polish I